Ideas for embroidery

Some people who like doing embroideries face a dilemma every now and then: they don’t know what to embroider. I have had this problem many times before. Now I would like to share how I have solved it.

Check out the Internet.  I used to buy a lot of magazines to find the best scheme (a picture) to work on. Since it was a costly pleasure,  I couldn’t embroider often. One day I decided to look for schemes online. The amount of schemes on the Internet is incredible: dogs, cats, flowers, houses, people, etc. Sometimes it is possible to find a scheme that you will never meet in magazines.

Turn on your imagination.If you go through different schemes and nothing is appealing to you, it’s time to create your own. For example, I made schemes for my pants by myself because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find what I wanted.

Look for inspiration in your close ones. What does your girlfriend/boyfriend like? Dogs or parrots? What about your mum? Does she like fruit, apples of pears? It is important to know, especially if you do an embroidery as a gift. The decision is narrowing down right away if you know the person’s preferences. My aunt loves viola flowers; she even planted them in her garden in different colors (blue, red, yellow, pink, violet, etc.). Knowing that, I made an embroidery of pink violas in a ceramic pot for her Birthday. She was very pleased!

In conclusion, whenever you think you are stuck with a scheme for embroidery, just look around and you will get a lot of ideas!

And here is my pants that I made by myself 🙂

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