541498_343169195762981_582854568_n     My name is Daria. My friends call me Dasha. I was born in Russia, in Izhevsk city. I know what question you have in your head now: “Where is that?”. I usually say: “Izhevsk is about 18 hours by train east from Moscow”. I love listening to the music (Enigma, Lesiem, Винтаж) and watching hockey (my two favorite players are Mika Zibanejad and Erik Karlsson).

I am passionate about all types of arts and I have dedicated my whole life to it. I would like to keep exploring new ideas and try myself in different fields of art.

I started practicing embroidery when I was 9. I started working with beads when I turned 7. My older cousin is a big fan of my bead work, she always asks me to make something cute, for example, beads earrings. Having gained enough experience with embroidery, I started making my own pictures and embroider them.

I finished art school when I was 15. I hated drawing the way I was told, so after graduation I started to work on my own style.  I am a huge fan of using only two-three colors for one painting; however, I also practice drawing colorful pictures (depends on my mood). I work in different styles and types but I adore drawing portraits, nature, still life, and pictures from my imagination. My favorite artist is Salvador Dali. My favorite cultural movement is surrealism.  I have been practicing surrealism for a while; it is hard to move from reality but I keep working hard to succeed.

I have been a model for 2 years (Oh, this incredible feeling when your childhood dreams come true…). I have participated in photo shoots for catalogs and worked as a podium model. Unfortunately, after I left my country I had to stop for a while. I love it and one day I want to come back to modeling.

I am interested in writing. I love classical literature, especially Russian. My favorite writers are Mikhail Bulgakov, Vladimir Nabokov, Nikolai Gogol, and Steven King. Inspired by their books I have started writing a couple of mine.

I am always open for making new friends so don’t hesitate and write me!



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