I think I have been drawing all my life: I draw at home, at school, on the bus, when I am in a good mood, when I am in a bad mood, when I am bored, and even when I am busy.

I went to art school when I was 10. I made sculptures from clay, learned about arts history, drew different compositions of objects. That is where I learned all the basics of arts; however, I hate to follow the rules and patterns and I was looking forward to finish the school to work on my own style: it reminds anime a little bit. As a lazy Sagittarius I like drawing pictures that take about 20 min each (I have a special book for it. Oh, sorry, 5 special books). Sometimes I work on big projects, for example, portraits. I love surrealism and would like to work in this cultural movement. I keep working on my style; I believe I still have ways to go.

Music is my muse. Listening to the music helps me get new ideas. I love Enigma and Lesiem. I am also inspired by Russian group Винтаж (Vintazh) and Russian singer Ева Польна (Eva Polna). Eva Polna writes beautiful lyrics for her songs and Vintazh creates incredible music videos (If you are curious, check out YouTube).

If you want to see my old small drawings, please find me on Facebook. The link is under How To Reach Me page.



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