Embroidering is my second passion after drawing.  I made my first embroidery when I was 9: it was a little monkey with bananas. My mum’s friend gave it to me as a Christmas gift. I had tried some simple techniques before, but it was my first cross-stitching embroidery. I was so involved in the process of stitching that I finished the monkey in 3 days. I had embroidered a couple of more small pictures and then started to work on bigger ones. First cross-stitching magazine I got had a Christmas thematic that had bigger and more complicated schemes. I made several embroideries for my friends and relatives for the following Christmas and New Year.

Several years ago I needed to get winter gloves. I wanted to get something cool and unusual but there was nothing like that; all gloves looked the same. One day I had an idea: what if I can buy cheap gloves and decorate them by myself? And I did! I bought the cheapest gloves, drew a scheme of Sponge Bob, and made the gloves that nobody had but me. Then I have decorated my jeans. My next gloves had Canadian flag on them.

My dream is to embroider a big picture of wolves. I haven’t done it yet because I am still looking for the one that will impress me.  




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